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Summer creative workshops

Holidays in the city? We invite you to summer creative workshops in our Shopping Centre!

We are waiting for you on Saturday, August 13th from 15:00 to 18:00! Free entrance!

During the meeting, participants will be able to create unique decorations using the popular decoupage technique. Under the supervision of the instructors, the workshop participants will decorate wooden boxes and glass jars, which will become not only eye-catching decorations, but also practical items for storing things.

Wooden elements will be painted with acrylic paints, then participants will stick motifs cut from napkins on them. Then, special preparations and pastes will be applied to the decorated object, which will give it cracks characteristic of the decoupage technique.

To decorate the glass, workshop participants will also use elements cut out of napkins, as well as coloured acrylic paints and a special preparation that provides the effect of a cracked surface.

Everyone, regardless of age, can take part in the workshop.

We invite you to participate!