Create a colourful reed that smells of pine needles!


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We are only a few weeks away from Christmas. How to make the waiting time for them more joyful and colourful?

On Saturday, November 26th, we invite you to creative workshops, during which colourful reeds will be created, smelling of pine needles and spices. We are waiting from 15.00 to 18.00.

Participants will use natural elements to make pre-Christmas decorations – sprigs of coniferous trees, cones, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices, which can be fixed on a straw base in the shape of a circle. The headdress can be decorated with colourful ribbons, small baubles, as well as ornaments imitating hawthorn berries or flowers.

The wreath made during the workshops will refer to the tradition of waiting for Christmas, according to which each week of Advent one of the four candles is lit. Therefore, the wreath can be supplemented with special, safe candle stands.

We invite everyone, regardless of age, to participate in pre-Christmas creative workshops. The host will tell you how to combine materials and what decorations to use to make the decoration durable and pleasing to the eye until Christmas.

We invite you to have fun together!