We make gingerbread cookies and Christmas decorations


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We are just over a week away from Christmas. It’s time for pre-Christmas preparations! That is why we invite you to family creative workshops, during which we will make Christmas decorations together and decorate aromatic gingerbread.

We invite you to our Shopping Centre on Saturday, December 17th from 10.00 to 18.00.


The smell of spicy cookies is a sign that we will be celebrating Christmas in a moment!

During family workshops in our Shopping Centre, children will be able to decorate festive, aromatic gingerbread cookies. Little confectioners will have access to spicy cookies, which they will decorate with icing, as well as dried fruit, nuts and chocolate. You will be able to take the decorated cookies home and enjoy their aroma and taste.


During the Christmas workshops, you will be able to spread your fantasy wings and create unique Christmas decorations yourself!

Participants will make Christmas decorations under the supervision of professional florists. You will be able to try your hand and weave Christmas wreaths from live twigs and colourful accessories or make mini-Christmas trees decorated with ecological ornaments and moss.

Volunteers will also be able to create an impressive Christmas Forest in a jar – a plant composition in a glass vessel. You can use mini-Christmas trees and various natural materials to make decorations.

A hand-prepared plant composition will bring a festive mood to the participants’ homes!

We invite you to have fun together!